Uruguay Wedding Customs

Uruguay is actually a country that is known for its extremely friendly persons, as well as their absolutely adore of family members. It is a region that figures its traditions and ethnical customs, and these can help to make a perfect conjunction with your wedding day in Uruguay.

A marriage ceremony in uruguay has many varied traditions and rituals that lovers must witness before they are simply married. Several worth mentioning traditional persuits are quite previous and have been about for centuries.

Las Aval

The bridegroom presents 13 gold coins to the star of the event, which are called las aval in Spanish. This is a vintage Latina American tradition that serves as a symbol of support for the newlyweds.

Cheeky Smooches

The bride and groom smooch each other because they leave https://hbr.org/2020/03/whats-really-holding-women-back the cathedral after the wedding, which can be a powerful way to show that they can be happy mutually. A group of friends and family members may also go to the couple’s home and present them with products.


Family is the most dating uruguay women important part of any uruguay marriage, so it is necessary to include all of your family and friends in your big day. Having your father and mother and other close relatives at your marriage is a wonderful chance for you to demonstrate to them how much you love them.



One of the most popular uruguay marriage ceremony traditions is to have got surfers asked to the wedding. This is a fun method for everyone to get involved and have an amazing time.

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